The Liquid Gold™ Lifecycle

Liquid Gold™: A Comprehensive Approach

Step 1:
Personal Consultation

Liquid Gold™ starts with a highly personalized consultation with Dr. Hartog. This one-on-one assessment is used to discuss specifically how you would like to use Liquid Gold™ – breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation, reconstruction, etc.

In this personal consultation we talk about:

  • The results you want to achieve
  • The specific procedure for which you would like to use Liquid Gold™
  • What you can expect
  • The best location for harvesting your body fat and the added benefits of liposuction
  • Scheduling details for your procedure
  • Any additional questions you may have

Step 2:
State-of-the-Art Liposuction Techniques

Liquid Gold™ only uses the most gentle and advanced liposuction technologies in the world today including Body-Jet®, TickleLipo®, Vaser®, and SmartLipo® where appropriate. These technologies are used to gently harvest fat from convenient (or unwanted) areas including the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and thighs.

Unlike more traditional liposuction techniques the approach used by Liquid Gold™ is far less traumatic. Furthermore, these techniques, particularly for smaller grafting procedures, can be performed under local anaesthetic or light sedation in our facility. That means you experience more rapid recovery and minimal downtime.

Step 3:
Purification to Ensure a Quality Graft

Once your fat is harvested we use PureGraft® to cleanse and purify your body fat. PureGraft® is an advanced FDA-approved device that produces highly concentrated and purified fat tissue that is ready for body sculpting, breast reconstruction, facial rejuvenation, and many other cosmetic surgery procedures. High graft quality is ensured through advanced lipodialysis filtration technology. This carefully removes excess and unwanted fluid, free lipids, blood cells and other contaminants that result naturally from the liposuction process. It also ensures the cleanest, purest possible fat for immediate grafting or long-term storage in our state-of-the-art cryogenic facilities.

Step 4:
Micrografting: Minimally Invasive Fat Transfer

Liquid Gold™ harnesses the most advanced autologous fat transfer and microlipoinjection techniques to transfer your purified fat to a new location on your body, such as your breasts, face, hands, and buttocks. Your purified fat is transferred into injection syringes and small parcels are gently injected through several layers of skin and muscle to ensure your living fat tissue finds a rich supply of blood.

Step 5:
lipobanking for Future Use

Liquid Gold™ represents a true revolution in fat grafting. In the past, all fat harvested through liposuction needed to be used on the same day as the graft procedure. If additional fat was required in the future, the entire procedure would need to be repeated. With Liquid Gold™ lipobanking, instead of doing liposuction and the actual grafting on same day, your fat is harvested and stored in the world’s first on-site StemSource® fat mini-bank at the adjacent Adrecyte Regenerative Medicine and Surgery Center, a state and federally certified ambulatory facility directed by Dr. Hartog. This enables a sufficient quantity of fat to be harvested in a single procedure to allow follow-up fat injection procedures to be performed years from now if necessary.

In addition, the Adrecyte Regenerative Medicine and Surgery Center is one of the few facilities in the U.S. with the Cytori StemSource® device for separation of adult stem and regenerative cells from fat. These cells can be separated to enhance fat grafting procedures as well as other potentially beneficial uses in regenerative medicine.

Step 6:
Post-Surgical Follow-Up Consultation

The Liquid Gold™ procedure includes a personal follow-up consultation and examination to review the process, evaluate before and after photos, and ensure the procedure has achieved the look you want.